Harry Hunter

After a substantial output of academic books and papers during his working life, retirement offered an opportunity to explore creative writing. This led to the publication of Taking The High Road (Highland Books, 2014), a collection of linked vignettes about a lay reader who helps people to encounter God in everyday situations.

Harry’s distinctive literary ‘voice’ is the rhyming acrostic, featured extensively on his successful website, Holy Acrostics!. The Kilfinan Treasure follows on from Taking The High Road, and similarly features characters who are often outside the church but find that the Christian faith offers them unexpected answers.

An environmental scientist, Harry Hunter became a senior academic at a university in the north of England before taking early retirement to the Ayrshire coast. Although an Anglican for much of his life, Harry is now a member of his local Church of Scotland, where the plays in the praise band and is an elder. Other interests include playing classical guitar, hill walking, Spanish language and culture, singing in the community choir and assisting the local music society.

Harry is married with two sons.

Books by Harry Hunter

  • The Kilfinan Treasure

    Harry Hunter

    Something has happened to disturb the cheery routine of Kilfinan, a bustling port on the Scottish coast. Anonymous poetic entries in the local newspaper hint at hidden treasure in the area – and the key to solving their mystery seems to lie in passages from the Bible. Attracting interest from all quarters, each poem impacts the life of a different reader, speaking to them in ways they could not expect.

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