Lucy Ever After

Heather Cursham

ISBN: 9781909728431

192 Pages

Published Apr 2017


Paperback £6.99 Kindle £1.99
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‘Lucy, I’ve had the weirdest dream! What could it mean?’

Six years have passed since Lucy’s magical dream adventures, and it all feels like nothing more than a distant memory or a story she must have read in a book. But now her little sister is having dreams, and something is clearly very wrong. A darkness has arisen in the land and her friends in the enchanted kingdom need Lucy’s help once more.

With her loyal band of companions and a brilliant, cheeky cat, she must find a way to defeat the enemy and win back their freedom. An ancient riddle holds the clue, but will she discover its secret in time? A perilous and exhilarating mission beckons, one that will stretch Lucy to her limits and challenge her to decide who she want to be!

The sparkling sequel to Lucy Butterfly: A Dream Tale.

Second book in the magical Lucy Butterfly trilogy.

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