Lucy Butterfly: A Dream Tale

Heather Cursham

ISBN: 9781909728370

192 Pages

Published Mar 2016


Paperback £6.99 Kindle £1.99
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Was she awake or asleep?

It seemed so real, she couldn’t be sure…

Lucy is a tenacious girl with a big imagination – but even she couldn’t have dreamed this up! Soon to be celebrating her tenth birthday, she is transported in her sleep to a magical world and finds herself the hero of a daring, enchanted quest. As she falls in and out of this strange and exciting land, Lucy must become the brave adventurer she has always longed to be. Her search for answers promises to be full of new and colourful friends, secret dangers and wonderful surprises.

Will she find the courage to complete the quest?

Will she discover the three mysterious keys?

First book in the magical Lucy Butterfly trilogy.

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