“Hearing the Heart”

Robin Daniels

ISBN: 9781909728745

224 Pages

Published Oct 2017

Mindfulness and Spirituality

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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We can all hear words spoken, but how many of us can hear the heart?

Listening celebrates the transformative power of listening at depth to another. Drawing on many years’ experience as a psychotherapist, Robin Daniels explores obstacles to and conditions for attentive listening, helpful and unhelpful responses, interpretation versus ‘just waiting’, responding to a person sharing their ‘Secret’, the  multi-layered meanings of silence, and how listening to music can help us grow in person-to-person listening.

Understanding these fundamental aspects of hearing the heart makes Listening a crucial book for all involved in counselling, pastoral care and supporting others.

  • I recommend Robin's book to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. His writings are full of wisdom and insight and carry an unusual ability to help us understand ourselves and others in the light of the revealed Christ.

    Roy Godwin, Director the Ffald-y-Brenin Trust, author of The Grace Outpouring
  • This is an important book on a subject which is often stressed but rarely discussed in detail. I particularly treasure and was moved by the central section – which takes up more than a third of the book – in which he speaks about the important role of silences. In introducing us to the fear and language of silence he reminds the reader to "listen to its sound, tone and texture, inflections and nuances, to observe the levels and stages of silence, and above all the therapist needs to listen to his own experience of silence, and try to sense how the client is experiencing it". He then goes on to give us "as start" a classification of 12 types of positive, negative, neutral silences. It is a useful guide, making us aware of the extensive range of types of silences and encouraging us to develop as fine an ear as we can, in order to have a better attunement to our clients/patients feelings. This chapter, like the rest of the book, contains many wonderful quotations, ranging from the Bible to philosophers, poets and writers through the ages.

    Isca Wittenberg, Consultant Psychotherapist and past Vice-Chairman, Tavistock Clinic, London; author of Psychoanalytic Insight and Relationships: A Kleinian Approach
  • In Listening Daniels succeeds magnificently not just in describing but actually creating the very "climate" and "atmosphere" of which he speaks so wisely. This little volume is a masterclass in what helps and what hinders this holy art and a welcome resource for anyone involved in accompaniment. For me, reading these pages was itself therapeutic – and a sheer delight!

    Canon John Udris, Spiritual Director, St Marys College, Oscott
  • This book extends seamlessly from Robin Daniels' wealth of people helping experience and love of music. While primarily focused on the therapist and client relationship, the book offers many thought-provoking and accessible riches for pastoral helpers of all kinds. With remarkable wisdom, spiritual insight and literary skill, Robin melodically identifies the essential components, as well as subtle pitfalls, involved in listening to others and guiding them through their healing and growth.

    For therapists, the familiar is presented with articulate freshness. For pastoral carers, spiritual directors and clergy, the helping process is unravelled in a way which can imaginatively be transposed. For both groupings, the book in its meticulous concern, reminds us of the great privilege of serving others with selfless and humble attitude, recognising that both helper and listener are learners together. It is a work composed intelligently from the heart for the heart with passionate intent to tune our ears to the harmonious and discordant within ourselves and those we seek to help.

    Teresa Onions, Former Director of Pastoral Care UK
  • When God said to Solomon, "Ask whatever you want," Solomon asked for "a heart that listens". Robin Daniels encourages us also to find within ourselves a heart that listens. This is a courageous book written by a courageous therapist, firmly rooted in his own quiet relationship with God, and speaking out from within this context. He talks movingly about the mutual growth, spiritual, emotional and thoughtful, involved for both speaker and listener when engaged in the activity of being totally present to each other, in the present moment. He gives us the confidence to be silent, to be in communion with the other and trust the unconscious unfolding growth that is possible when we let go of the control of busying ourselves with being in charge of change. A wonderful and enlightening book for everyone.

    Hermione Roff, Systemic Child and Family Therapist; Author of Reflective Interpersonal Therapy for Children and Parents
  • In this luminous book, Robin Daniels invites us both to draw close to the heart of God and to accompany others on that journey. For Robin, being listened to is the key to our healing and to that journey. Those who seek to listen to others will find here many encouragements and helps for this challenging and often complex work. Robin quotes Einsteins dictum that an inner world does not come without a struggle. Many readers of this book will find themselves better equipped for that struggle and feel a deep sense of gratitude to Robin for this legacy.

    Mark Bryant, Anglican Bishop of Jarrow and Suffragan Bishop of Durham
  • Listen to the author of this book, because he has words shaped by hard-won wisdom. Savour the insights and experience which inform each paragraph, because they will stop you in your tracks and lead you to rethink your own professional practice and your own personal relating. Don't anticipate a learned treatise, but draw on the rich resources which support the author's reflections. Sit with Robin Daniels and be touched by his analytically-honed perception, his deep and inclusive Christian faith, and his generosity of heart and mind.

    Fr Brendan Callaghan SJ, sometime Senior Lecturer in the Psychology of Religion in the University of London, Principal of Heythrop College, Master of Campion Hall Oxford
  • Robin takes us with him on an adventure journey into the world of listening. His book is a clearly-written exposition of the art of listening, and affords a valuable insight into the world of psychotherapy. Robin's many and varied quotations are an added bonus, as are his references to music. I would recommend the book to anyone who is searching for truth and wholeness in their lives.

    Sister Benedict Brown, Benedictine nun and sub-prioress at Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire

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