Robin Daniels

Robin was a psychotherapist, and a man of prayer. He worked in private practice for nearly 40 years, and held roles as supervisor at the St Marylebone Healing and Counselling Centre, facilitator of the Reflecting group for hospital chaplains at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, and consultant psychotherapist to Holy Redeemer in London and St Thomas’ in Blackpool. He ran marriage preparation and marriage enrichment groups for the Baptist church, and a bereavement group for Layton Methodist Church.

Robin trained in counselling at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation, and in psychotherapy at the Lincoln Clinic. Robin was deeply immersed in the Christian contemplative tradition, and was something of an urban hermit until he married Katherine in 2006, who has brought his last two books to publication posthumously.

Further published works: Conversations with Coggan (Hodder, 1983); Conversations with Menuhin (Time-Warner, 1979); Conversations with Cardus (Gollancz, 1979); Blackpool Football; The Official Club History (Robert Hale, 1972); Cardus: Celebrant of Beauty (Palatine Books, 2009).

Books by Robin Daniels

  • Listening

    Robin Daniels

    We can all hear words spoken, but how many of us can hear the heart?

    Listening celebrates the transformative power of listening at depth to another. Drawing on many years’ experience as a psychotherapist...

  • The Virgin Eye

    Robin Daniels

    The Virgin Eye inspires us to see the world anew through the innocent eyes of a child, so as to become more aware of God's presence in everyday life and encounters. Offering insights into contemplative prayer...

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