Church Uncorked

“Leadership that releases our potential”

Catherine Cowell, Sean Kennedy

ISBN: 9781909728288

284 Pages

Published Apr 2015

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £12.99 Kindle £6.99
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How can we lead in a way that releases the potential so often constrained by traditional leadership structures? Both within and outside the church there is new thinking that is transforming the way organisations are structured and led, allowing an explosion of innovation and creativity.

Church Uncorked challenges the predominant model of church leadership. It asks: Why do we lead the way we do? Is it working? Is it as biblical as we think it is? This book suggests an alternative where vision comes not from the top, but from everyone, and releases the wealth of untapped talent and potential that often goes unnoticed. And it provides hard evidence that this approach works.

Written engagingly and with humour and full of practical leadership tools, it presents a genuinely fresh perspective. Critically acclaimed by senior church leaders, academics, theologians, leading coaches and motivational experts, Church Uncorked is sure to radically impact how we lead the church into the twenty-first century.

  • Very readable, fresh and refreshing, thought-provoking, challenging, provocative, wide-ranging, extensively researched, rightly disturbing! The authors are right to challenge the institutional church model as all too often the organisation has become static and ceased to be a dynamic organism. They present the model of the person-centred church in persuasive and practical terms with real-life examples. Their challenge is relevant and will not just go away.

    Bishop Michael Whinney, Honorary Assistant Bishop, Birmingham Diocese.
  • Church Uncorked is a thought-provoking call to action for anyone in church leadership who wants less stress and more impact!

    Carole Milligan, Founding Director, Kingscompass, Christian Coach Training, Coaching, Consulting
  • I wholeheartedly recommend that you read this book. It is well-written, earthed in personal experience, informed by living faith and motivated by love for people. It refreshes with quirky humour, personal stories kindly told, candour, grace and loads of help to think differently and to do creatively. It aims to help you to release the treasure of the people God has put around you so that our communities are "uncorked" to let God's Life flow everywhere to everyone.

    Rev Gordon Crowther, The Church of the Holy Spirit, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Church Uncorked offers us a very real opportunity to "think again". Catherine and Sean bring fresh perspective to re-imagining church life and a very real hope of engaging "Christ followers" who, to quote their words, "felt they had nothing to offer, or had been discounted and written off, coming to life, finding new confidence and purpose".

    Rev Francis Rutledge, Christ Church, Bangor, Northern Ireland
  • As I read this hugely engaging book I began to understand why and how a change in the traditional church leadership model and approach could radically impact the twenty-first-century church. This offers a transformational leadership approach that can engage all walks of life and communities.

    Dr Barbara Workman, Higher Education Consultant, National Teaching Fellow, Dip Coach Mentoring
  • I enjoyed this book immensely. It is a great combination of biblical context, personal examples and theoretical frameworks all seamlessly combined into an easy and informative read. The book challenges all Christians in a thought-provoking and constructive manner.

    Lesley Matile, Corporate coach, motivational coach, coach trainer, supervisor, speaker workshop trainer (
  • This is easy to read and honest (with delightful touches of humour) putting into words issues you may have been aware of at some level but not yet brought to the surface. The authors have done a huge amount of research, talking to countless church attenders and church leaders and drawing examples, so you can feel confident in their conclusions.

    Isobel Webster, Associate Pastor, BA Theology, ICC Dip, MBTI Practitioner, Cottege Beck CafŽ Church, Scunthorpe,
  • Lots of books outline the problems of current church leadership. Here is one that provides an answer. More a manual than a manifesto, Church Uncorked will help any leader wanting to develop peoples' God-given potential in ways that are honest and genuine.

    Rev Keith Mobberley, Rector of the North Ferncumbe Benefice, Warwickshire.
  • Catherine Cowell and Sean Kennedy write persuasively about their enthusiastic belief in person-centred churches what they look like, how they work and how to lead and manage them. In their view, "releasing people and getting them motivated is the holy grail of Christian leadership", and their book contains a generous bag of ideas, stories and resources for the task.

    Charles Worth, MBTI Practitioner, Perceive Training.
  • I highly recommend Church Uncorked as a great read for busy church leaders. It is all communicated in a fresh, humorous and easy-to-read style with plenty of interesting examples and anecdotes. The authors strongly argue their case for a bottom-up and person-centred model of church.

    David Pott, Founder of the Two Saints Way and Flag Up Scotland Jamaica

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