Neil Laing

Neil Laing is a secondary school science and IT teacher. He is supposed to be retired but is still doing supply work, as well as co-leading a church and, to keep himself out of trouble, doing some work in a supermarket.

He is married with three grown-up children but has no grand-children at the moment. He would quite like it if his children got married and had kids – then his biological function could find fulfilment!

When he is not doing any of the above, he tries to take some reasonable-looking photos, usually of wildlife because he loves anything to do with the wild, which is why he got into science in the first place. He also likes puzzles like Sudoku and trying to think through things like how science and faith can help each other.

Books by Neil Laing

  • Is God Really Legit?

    Neil Laing

    God and science – you can't really believe in both, right!?

    Or can you??

    Is God Really Legit? asks the tough questions and gives you the info you need to decide.

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