NEW BOOK: Is God really legit?

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Aimed at big questions teenagers ask
Evolution or creationism: do we have to choose?
Who is God?
What about the Big Bang?
Can science and faith add up?

When Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and award winning intellectual, wrote The God Delusion, containing scientific arguments against the existence of God in 2006, it caused quite a storm. Some Christians welcomed this as it got people talking about God; others didn’t. High-profile debates took place, and countless newspaper articles and books were written in response.

The underlying question being asked, which is so pertinent to our age, was: ‘Can you believe in both God and science?’

Following his talks at some Christians in Science meetings for teenagers, secondary school science and information technology teacher, Neil Laing, was challenged to write a reply to some of Dawkins’ ideas and present them to his audience. He came to realise that parents, Religious Education teachers and teenagers were asking for a book for themselves. He heard Christian teenagers expressing doubts about going into science as they would be expected to study evolution and teachers saying they struggled to tackle the science versus faith issue with their pupils, so, as he says, ‘Is God Really Legit? emerged slowly, like a snail coming out of its shell.’

It asks the tough questions and gives young people the information they need to decide. Do miracles happen? Who is God? And where? Why Genesis 1? Is faith blind? What is ‘faith’ anyway? Delving into all these questions and more, Neil Laing puts both God and science under the microscope. Exploring literal approaches to the Bible and purely scientific views of the world, he reveals how each has misunderstood the nature of faith and their own limitations.

He also includes sections on famous scientists who are Christians, the top ten questions asked by teenagers, and details about resources, organisations and further reading.

Neil writes, ‘I feel strongly that we need to equip our children to tackle the issue without fear and be confident to talk about science and faith with their peers and teachers. I don’t want to tell young people what to believe; it must be their own belief. I want to give them things to think about; ways of arguing that will help them to think critically. We don’t decide by a vote or debate if God is there. If He isn’t there, then it doesn’t much matter what we think, as long as we don’t do others harm. If He does exist, then it really does matter.’

Might it be that a correct understanding of God actually builds faith in science and vice versa? When it comes to belief in God, Neil shows that faith and science really do add up!

What reviewers say:
‘Too often teenagers are not allowed to ask questions; many worry that questioning God is not OK. This book gives young people the chance to seek answers and think outside the box. It does not have all the answers, but then who does? What a great way to get thinking about God and some of the big questions we all have about life. If you do not come away from this book with more questions than when you started it, you are not reading it right!’
Dr Lesley Gray, Secondary School Teacher and Science and Faith Communicator

Is God Really Legit? is a good, accessible introduction to some of the big questions surrounding science and faith. Neil’s passion for the subject and experience working with young people makes this a truly engaging read, with plenty of helpful follow-up resources.’
Hannah Malcolm, ‘God and the Big Bang’ Coordinator @GatBB UK

‘Easy to understand … helped [me] understand that there might be a relationship between faith and science.’
Matt Vowles (aged 17)

Is God Really Legit? by Neil Laing (ISBN: 9781909728837) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 15th March 2018 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction,160pp, £8.99.


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  • Is God Really Legit?

    Neil Laing

    God and science – you can't really believe in both, right!?

    Or can you??

    Is God Really Legit? asks the tough questions and gives you the info you need to decide.