Eric Gaudion

Eric Gaudion was born and now lives in Guernsey. He is an ordained minister with the Elim Pentecostal Church who has, in the past, also been an accredited minister of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He has a Diploma in Theology with Elim Bible College, a Master’s Degree in Applied Theology from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Preaching from Trinity Theological Seminary (University of Liverpool). He served as a pastor in the UK and Guernsey and was a missionary in Seychelles with FEBA Radio and in Zimbabwe with Elim International Missions. In retirement, Eric is an Associate Pastor at the Vazon Elim Church in Guernsey.

His previous publications include: Trust; Enduring Hope (Spring Harvest Publications, Milton Keynes, 2006), Braving the Storm (Authentic Media, Milton Keynes, 2007), Storm Force (Authentic Media, Milton Keynes, 2009) and Storming Home: the Story of Billy Gilvear (Monarch Books London, 2013).

Eric has also had articles published in the Baptist Times, Christianity, Direction (Elim’s magazine) and Reform (URC magazine) as well as his local paper.

Books by Eric Gaudion

  • Through the Storms

    Eric Gaudion

    After more than twenty years battling pancreatitis – one of the most painful disorders known to humankind – involving more than a hundred hospital admissions, more than thirty operations, several near-death encounters, the trauma of transplant surgery and the constant expectation of death, Eric Gaudion shares how he reconciled his faith and his condition...

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