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A book to encourage people suffering

‘Written by a guy who had pancreas problems most of his life. Resulting in a lot of pain and a lot of hospital visits. Being a Christian pastor had its own challenges too…’ Read More »

Powerful and Helpful

‘Eric Gaudion writes from decades of experience suffering with pancreatitis about how to journey through the deepest of suffering while keeping a clear focus on God’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Through the Storms

Chapter One
At Death’s Door
Someone was ill… very ill indeed. I could hear voices – doctors’ voices, low and concerned, whispering.
I knew I was in the ICU. I also knew it was night-time, but not because it was dark. Day and the night were the same in the ICU… Read More »

A Courageous Reflection

‘his words cannot help but reach into your own soul, to discover a well of compassion for all who suffer pain, in the body, mind, spirit and soul’ Read More »


Eric, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I began keeping a book journal in 1998 after I became seriously ill and had to stand down from my ministry at Cardiff City Temple, now Cardiff City Church. I felt it was important to record what I was going through and how God was speaking to me through it all. Then, after a visit by Jeff Lucas… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Finding a theology of suffering

A journey through extreme pain
Faith tested to the limits
For people in seemingly hopeless situations and their carers
Trusting God in adversity
Grapples with age-old problem of suffering
Authentic inspiration and comfort Read More »