Nicki Copeland

Nicki is a freelance writer, speaker, editor and proofreader.

Having struggled for many years with low self-esteem and self-image, she has learnt to love and embrace the person God created her to be. The wallflower no longer hides in the shadows. Through her writing and speaking, Nicki loves to encourage others to embrace their own identity in God, and to enjoy being the person He has created them to be.

Nicki loves to spend time with her family and is involved in all sorts of things at church. Chocolate also features quite near the top of her list of favourite things.

For more information about Nicki’s writing, speaking and editing, or to get in touch with her directly, please visit her website:

Books by Nicki Copeland

  • Losing the Fig Leaf

    Nicki Copeland

    Do you ever yearn to be free? Do you ever feel as if you're hiding your true self? Do you long to throw off...

  • Less than ordinary?

    Nicki Copeland

    Every one of us is born with great potential. Our life experiences, personality and self-opinions shape who we become, and what we do with...

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