Can a non-believing anti-heroine draw people to faith? – Ruth Leigh with Premier Christian Radio

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Author Ruth Leigh tells Esther Higham about her brilliant comic heroine, Isabella Smugge, who tries to keep her impeccable Instagram presence together, while her life is falling apart, and why Ruth hopes this non-believing anti-heroine will draw people to faith.

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  • Ruth Leigh

    Ruth Leigh is a freelance writer and novelist, and is married with three children, one husband and assorted livestock.

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    Ruth Leigh

    Meet Isabella Smugge – as in ‘Br-uge-s’, naturally! Instagram influencer, consummate show-off and endearingly self-unaware. With a palatial home, charming husband and three well-mannered children, she is living the Country Life dream...

  • The Trials of Isabella M Smugge

    Ruth Leigh

    Life in the country isn’t going as Issy Smugge planned it. However, the woman Gorgeous Home magazine once called ‘Britain’s Most Relatable Mum Designer’ is nothing if not resilient...