The Trials of Isabella M Smugge

Ruth Leigh

ISBN: 9781912726509

288 Pages

Published Oct 2021


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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Life in the country isn’t going as Issy Smugge planned it. However, the woman Gorgeous Home magazine once called ‘Britain’s Most Relatable Mum Designer’ is nothing if not resilient!

With an unexpected baby on the way, a good-for-nothing husband and a mother who never seemed to care but now needs caring for, her hands are full. Her venal agent and creative socials guru keep work fizzing, but how will she cope with the mysterious village snitch and poisonous gossip columnist Lavinia Harcourt?

Discovering others’ problems can be far worse than her own, she confronts bizarre church sub-culture and braces herself to use the NHS, rethinking all she thought she wanted. Could true happiness be just a few hashtags away?

The second novel in the Isabella M Smugge series.

  • Ruth Leigh goes from strength to strength with the further adventures of self-obsessed blogger and influencer Isabella M Smugge. Issy faces a frightening future when her 'perfect' marriage collapses, her old rival continues to write poisonous articles about her and she struggles to cope with pregnancy, single parenthood and her own looming fortieth birthday. When even social media has to take second place, Issy finds herself re-examining everything she has always taken for granted. Touching, funny and cringe-making by turns, she is a true (anti)-heroine for our times.

    Caroline Taggart, Sunday Times bestseller
  • Ruth Leigh has done it again! With heart and humour Leigh takes readers on another hashtag-filled ride through The Trials of Isabella M Smugge, balancing life’s unexpected with honesty, hope and style. This is the sequel Smugge readers have been waiting for!

    Lauren H Brandenburg – award-winning author of The Death of Mungo Blackwell

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