NEW BOOK: Called by God to lost children of the Himalayas

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Moving account of street children’s lives
Individual journeys of faith
Social worker’s vision for a Nepalese people group
Inspiration to hope and persevere
A challenge to leave comfort zones
A call for family-based care
Encouragement to follow God’s call

When called by God to a task, do we assume it will be plain sailing? When it isn’t, are we tempted to give up? What might inspire us to persevere?

Children of the Himalayas is social worker Diane Bell’s personal testimony to the faithfulness of God, telling of a clear calling that resulted in a long, difficult and continuing journey. Only the promise given in Habakkuk 2:2-3 that the revelation … will certainly come has kept her persevering right up until today.

On 12 December 1999, Leeds-based Diane was stunned by a dream that would transform her life and impact thousands. Called by God to offer family-based care to street children in Nepal, she overcame cancer, devastating earthquakes and lurid child-trafficking allegations to make the life-giving vision a reality.

In Nepal, thousands of street children live in dangerous, dirty conditions. Lacking emotional care, food, shelter and safety, they are at high risk of exploitation and abuse. Afflicted by domestic violence, crushing poverty, alcoholism and illness, all too often their only means of survival is to resort to begging, drugs or prostitution. Diane would need every ounce of her social work experience to help restore their futures.

Children of the Himalayas tells the incredible story of God’s faithfulness and provision to Diane as, partnering with others locally and abroad, she co-founded WIN Nepal to rescue many of these vulnerable children. She supports the global movement towards providing family-based as opposed to institutional care for children. This comes from a growing realisation that institutional care is regimented and rule orientated and results in poor emotional connections and attachments, lack of individuality, inconsistent care givers, isolation from the community and lack of preparation for adult life and promotes dependency.

She says, It is my prayer that every reader will be shaken and challenged out of their first-world culture and comfort zone and be wonderfully reminded of the grace of God. I hope the book will be an encouragement, especially to those who have an interest in, or experience of, children’s work overseas and will impart a God-given vision for Him to apply individually to those who read it. Some people may choose to join us. Others may be encouraged to hear God’s voice and follow their own calling, whatever that may be. Either way, I want to help others to persevere and not lose hope, however difficult or impossible things seem. Now a grandmother of four, Diane shows that age is no barrier to God’s call.

Discover God’s heart for the most vulnerable in our world and be inspired by where God could take you!

What reviewers say:

‘God brought together transformed lives, equipped with a common purpose, to demonstrate the Father’s unconditional love. This is a story in which individual acts of obedience, through the power of the Holy Spirit, combined to set the captives free. Woven throughout is the honest and powerful testimony from the writer and personal friend of thirty years, walking out a faithful and submitted purpose, under the grace and direction of the Word of God. A praying woman of substance, whose choices to take every thought captive and resist the enemy’s work in her life enabled her to overcome to gain victory and territory in Christ Jesus, on behalf of the street children of Nepal.’  
Denise Dyke, Anglican Resource Church Admin Officer


Children of the Himalayas by Diane Bell (ISBN: 9781912726042) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 18th April 2019 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction, 208pp, £8.99.


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    On 12thDecember 1999, middle-aged social worker Diane Bell was stunned by a dream from God that would transform countless lives. Called to offer family-based care to street kids in Nepal, cancer, devastating earthquakes and lurid child trafficking allegations were among challenges...