Sample Chapter

Sample Chapters! The Runaway

chapter one 

Tiago Costa’s mouth was beginning to go dry, his heartbeat was racing and his hands shaking as the clock on the wall showed 3.20pm. Already his mind had switched off from the French lesson which Mademoiselle Le Bon was teaching, and he was planning his escape route from the school building. It was imperative that he escaped… Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Peg and the Pumice Stone

A Broken Candle
It is better to do something with what you don’t have, than to do nothing with what you do have. 
I was driving home. It was early November and it had been a glorious sunny day. It was that time of year when Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Kilfinan Treasure

Chapter One 
27th May 2017 
A satisfied smile suffused Tom Hodson’s face. His eyes alighted on St Finnan’s noticeboard, which welcomed him to the Scottish Episcopal Church. He took a moment to absorb its details before walking purposefully… Read More »

Simply Eat Friday! ‘This must be what family feels like’

How home-cooked brownies can set the scene for God to move! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Liz Grier of Unlimited Church shares the recipe God gave them for reaching urban youth and baking mouth-watering brownies!   Food has always been central to our church. In fact, Unlimited Church in Exeter has never held any … Read more …

Simply Eat Friday! Empowered through baking

How baking can transform women’s lives! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Alice Williams and Rachel Stonehouse tell about Luminary Bakery’s amazing work in restoring lives, and share a unique, scrumptious recipe for home-baked bread! Read More »

Simply Eat Friday! The way of love

Something for the weekend! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Marijke Hoek shares her experience of hosting Syrian refugees, and the powerful role food played in building relationship and opening the door to faith. There is also a deliciously healthy, vegetarian Dutch recipe! Read More »

Simply Eat Friday! Learning the joy of hospitality

An easy dinner! In this sample chapter from Simply Eat, Mary Weeks Millard shares how she unexpectedly learnt the joy of serving others through hospitality in the most unlikely of places – and enjoy the delicious recipe she shares, ideal for a quick family meal! Read More »

Sample Chapters! If Not Now, When?

A Disastrous Start

It was a Tuesday in an ordinary week, in an ordinary month, in an ordinary year.
As we did every day, my wife and I got up to go to work, except that on that particular day… Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Migrant

Chapter one
Alban Gurbardhi lay with his face pressed into the earth. He eased his breath out through pursed lips as he tried to stifle any sound he might make. It seemed his heartbeat would be heard across the valley as it pounded in his ears. An angry, black beetle marched across the thyme-grass centimetres from his nose. He glanced at Ervin, who lay in against the crumbling stone wall, and saw his eyes darting. Read More »

Sample Chapters! Love Beyond

12. Models
When I started to visit the women in Soho the majority of them were English, with the exception of some who were French and one who was German. The models who were a bit older and more established often had their own rented flat. They usually worked five days a week, had their own maid and would hire someone to stand in for them at weekends. Read More »