Two Other Men

“Lessons from the thieves in the crucifixion narrative of St Luke”

Graham Reeves

ISBN: 9781909728592

160 Pages

Published Feb 2017

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £4.99
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‘Two other men…’ (Luke 23:32)

All four gospels tell of Jesus being crucified between two thieves, but only St Luke’s gospel records the final words of these other men. Why does he include these exchanges? What is it about these unknown, dying men that makes them worth remembering?

Time and time again, Luke’s gospel shows the mercy of God displayed through Jesus to those who feel themselves unworthy of love – does this final scene fully realise Luke’s message? What do these interactions between two criminals tell us about God’s love? And what can we conclude about the impenitent thief?

In this thought-provoking book, Graham Reeves explores the deeper meaning of the other men in Luke’s crucifixion narrative and reflects upon how their responses to Jesus can inform our own faith and understanding of God.

  • None was closer to the cross of Christ than the two criminals crucified either side of him. Graham Reeves invites us to reflect on their contrasting responses as these malefactors turn to the one condemned as they are. Here is an inspirational study, informed by the author s wide reading and extensive pastoral experience. Graham Reeves has the rare gift of making new connections. In Two Other Men he deploys that gift brilliantly. With each new connection a switch is thrown and fresh light breaks from the all too familiar story a light to lighten our darkness too.

    Dr John Pridmore, former Rector of Hackney
  • Which of the two thieves are you? Through self-examination we learn to discern the good and the bad within us. Graham Reeves has written an interesting and informative work to help us on our spiritual journeys.

    The Right Reverend Abbot Giles Hill OSB, Abbot of Our Lady and St John Abbey, Alton

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