Travels with an Inflatable Elephant

“Attempts to make things happen and not happen”

Jerry Marshall

ISBN: 9781909728042

282 Pages

Published Aug 2013


Paperback £12.99 Kindle £6.00
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Jerry Marshall believes in setting at least one audacious goal every year. Recent goals include attempting to save the government £50 billion, and setting up a call centre in Bethlehem to create jobs unaffected by border closures. He’s a serial entrepreneur and a sailing fanatic, has fought with Pete Waterman on breakfast TV and once won a unicycling race.

This book is about hard-won lessons in entrepreneurial leadership applied to many different spheres, including social enterprise, fighting poverty and political campaigning. It’s a story of money, sex, family, faith and inflating large white elephants.

  • Jerry Marshall takes us into a surreal world where charitable endeavour entwines with business imperative. His story is fast paced, funny and deadly accurate.

    Lord David Freud
  • Jerry Marshall's witty and candid account shows how audacity, tenacity, skill, trial and error are colourful strands that weave a beautiful, unique pattern of a faithful life. His insights, hindsight and wisdom on work, family and community leave me thoroughly refreshed and challenged to lead a creative, risky and faith-filled life.

    Marijke Hoek, Coordinator of Forum for Change
  • This is Jerry's story and, much like the man, it's hard to walk away from! The energy and passion Jerry has for everything he does and everyone he knows is breathtaking. A truly inspirational read.

    Rachel Gardner, Founder, Romance Academy
  • Most people – and maybe youre one of them – seem to live as if their highest aspiration is to arrive safely at death! But theres so much more to life, and Jerry shows us another way in this riveting account of his quirky life – one of risk, adventure, challenge, and big hairy audacious goals.

    Simon Guillebaud, Founder of Great Lakes Outreach
  • Jerry Marshall has used his God-given entrepreneurial flair throughout his whole life. In this book, he chronicles it all – faith, family, friendship and fund-raising – with heart-warming highlights and occasional disappointments along the way. Laced throughout it all you can see Jerry's quick mind and deep connection with God at work. He entertains, informs, suggests, challenges – and leaves you longing not just for his insight but a measure of his boundless energy too!

    Pam Rhodes, presenter of BBC Television's Songs of Praise

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