The Now Generation

“Empowering people to lead and have influence today”

Andy Monks

ISBN: 9781912726660

208 Pages

Published Feb 2023

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £10.99 Kindle £5.99
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Young people are often called the ‘next’ generation – but what if they are the NOW generation, called to lead not just tomorrow, but also today?

In this dynamic, fast-paced and inspirational book, Andy shares how he was empowered to step into leadership from a young age, and how you can be too. Combining relatable stories from his own journey with practical tips and scriptural insights, he shows how you can learn to lead in your own unique way, and go on to inspire others to fulfil their potential.

Whether you are in school, at university, or starting out in the workplace, The Now Generation is the encouragement you need to be an influence for Christ today. Now is your time!

  • Do we need yet another book on leadership? I believe Andy’s leadership acumens need sharing with the world. Read this and be inspired by the practical advice that flows from someone who is the real deal, who lives and breathes compassionate leadership, drawing out the gold in everyone he meets! I found reading this book was an opportunity to 'Walk with the wise' and to learn some golden lessons in what makes good leaders great.

    Chris Duffett, Co-Principal of The Light College and former President of the Baptist Union
  • Releasing and inspiring the emerging generations is one of our greatest opportunities and biggest challenges as a church. The pages of the Bible and Church history are full of young people doing extraordinary things for God. The Now Generation captures the urgency, wisdom and inspiration required to unleash not the Church of tomorrow, but the Church of today. Andy Monks has crafted a significant work crammed full of quality advice, engaging stories and hard-hitting quotes. I’m excited for the Now Generation – may they read this book and live it!

    Phil Knox, Evangelical Alliance and author of Story Bearer
  • Andy Monks is a young talent to watch. He brings humble but distilled wisdom to what it means to lead, and this flows from his own experience and insight into God’s heart and character.

    Glyn Jones, Co-Principal of the Light College
  • In The Now Generation, Andy Monks has created an accessible and rich resource for young people in particular to reach their full potential. By using his own experience and lessons learned, along with memorable analogies and summaries, Andy provides a tool to equip those who are stepping into leadership. This will be such a helpful and valuable book for many.

    Carolyn Skinner, CEO Third Space Ministries
  • This book is all the things I wish I could have read instead of finding them out the hard way – alone! After reading, you come away feeling empowered. Andy Monks, myself and Whitney Houston share the same belief that children are our future and we must allow them to lead. Not only are YOU the future, but the future is YOURS. So read this book that is full of wisdom – go out and lead your way!

    Kathryn Lord, award-winning author and child education expert; founder of More to Books and More to Organising
  • The Now Generation is a rallying call to all young people to step into their God-given identity as influencers for good and for God. It is a manifesto of encouragement, inspiration and perspiration and will be a great tool for young people as they look to embrace all that God has for them right here, right now.

    Marcus Gibbs, Vicar, Ascension Balham
  • It is sometimes said that 'leadership is influence'. In his insightful and practical book, Andy Monks expounds this maxim magnificently. He illustrates that growth in our leadership is not to be found in acquisition of status or position, but in increasing our sphere and potency of influence. This relational concept of leadership is not just biblically compelling but also resonates deeply with the generation of now and the emerging millennial generation. Andy’s book will inspire and equip many, and he sets out his case in a way that is eminently readable, persuasive and empowering.

    Greg Downes, Kingfisher Ministries and former Dean of the Wesley Centre at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University
  • I was expecting The Now Generation to excite me about the influence young people can have in God’s kingdom and in leadership, but it has met and exceeded all my expectations! I found myself hooked on every golden nugget of advice, Andy’s vulnerable and inspiring story illustrations, and the positive and practical application points that he shares throughout this book. It has not only ignited in me a new passion for young leaders and raised my expectancy of how capable young people are of great influence; but it has personally brought me freedom and clarity in my own leadership journey.

    Andy has a gift of communicating powerful processes in such a simple and accessible way. This book is a must-read for all who are looking to grow in positively influencing those around them. Andy’s teachings humble and reassure us of our own human limitations while bringing hope by always pointing back to the power and firm foundation we have in Jesus. This book transcends the age of the reader, yet especially enables, equips and empowers young leaders to step into their God-given power and calling. I am excited by how God will use Andy’s words to raise, shape and guide people to be positive leaders in this 'Now Generation'!

    Emma Kniebe, Children’s Pastor, Holy Trinity Clapham

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