Ordinary Miracles

“Mess, meals, and meeting Jesus in unexpected places”

Chris Lane

ISBN: 9781909728769

192 Pages

Published Aug 2017

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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An inspirational account of mess, meals and miracles!

When Chris Lane and his friends planted a church on an inner-city estate notorious for crime and deprivation, they could not imagine the rollercoaster ride that awaited. Committed to loving and living in one place – the Langworthy estate in Salford – they have spent 18 years seeing Jesus’ hope and healing transforming even the darkest and most desperate situations.

At the heart of Ordinary Miracles is an understanding of Jesus’ meal table, and how Langworthy Community Church has seen the most unlikely people welcomed into Jesus’ Kingdom as they share at His table and invite others to do the same. Be encouraged by the radical inclusivity of Jesus’ invitation and the remarkable miracles that happen when we eat with Him!

  • Were often drawn to the people who tell us to "dream bigger". Here is a book that will provoke you to "dream smaller" – and I guarantee it will set your heart on fire. I know Chris well. He has the authority of a prophet, theologian, activist and that great guy in the noisy house down the road. With his family, they are practising the art of staying put and seeing God build His kingdom through the mess, meals and mundane moments of life. Don't read it if you want to escape into the fantasy that God will only use you if you're in the perfect job, perfect house or perfect church. Jesus has moved into the neighbourhood and is staying put. Question is, will we?

    Rachel Gardner, Founder of Romance Academy; President, Girls Brigade E&W; Trustee, Home for Good; Volunteer Youthworker
  • This is an honest, passionate account of an ordinary man in an ordinary church attempting extraordinary things in Jesus name. I can be so certain of this because I've known Chris for nearly 30 years – man and boy and church leader. To all who want to join in the adventure of mission, this book will inspire you, make you laugh, and give you hope that God does really wonderful things in unexpected places.

    Dr Neil Hudson, Salford Elim Pastor; Church Consultant, LICC
  • I read this book because I esteem Chris Lane; as a friend, teacher, theologian and church leader. So will you when you finish this. This book is honest and inspiring, authentic and challenging. I love Chris compelling case for the centrality of the table, costly living, commitment and the challenge to all too normative ideologies in church culture. But its real strength is in the responses it will draw out from us. Not to be impressed with Chris or Langworthy – but to be more committed to Christ and the local church He has called each of us to. Put that other book down and buy this one instead.

    Rev Canon Chris Russell, Vicar, St Laurence Reading; Advisor to the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • This book is fresh, gritty, laugh-out-loud and full of hope. Chris Lane offers a feast of theologically rich reflections from his eighteen years church planting on the Langworthy Estate in Salford. It's about: "ordinary miracles. If you blink you might miss them. Keep your eyes open, and you see them everywhere". May this book inspire you to watch & pray for the miracles Jesus loves to do today – in ordinary places, often around a table, with the unlikeliest guests. If you're hungry – come to the banquet. May there be Fire in urban estates across the North West and beyond!

    Rev Dr Jill Duff, Director of St Mellitus College, North West
  • It's been said that by reading we live many lives. This is the chance to "live" Chris' adventure of obedience. It's an opportunity to discover what being out of your comfort zone feels and smells like. It's full of joy, heartache and faithfulness. It's human and normal, a story we can all relate to. Yet at the same time it's full of transformation that only God could be behind. An inspiring read – I recommend it!

    Andy Croft, Associate Director, Soul Survivor

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