Mindful Formation

“A pathway to spiritual liberation ”

Shaun Lambert

ISBN: 9781912726813

Published May 2024

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Paperback £13.99
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Our capacity for attention, assailed by the virtual world and the demands of modern media, is in crisis. Reclaiming our attention from their gravitational pull is the primary spiritual task of our time – and the goal of mindful formation.

Sharing his own discovery of mindful formation, author Shaun Lambert equips us to reform our attentional capacities through personal attentiveness to God, and to reperceive the world. Having been divorced from his own capacity for attention through the childhood trauma of separation, Shaun shares how mindful formation liberated him from the limitations and strictures of the past into a joy-filled, Christ-centred present.

We are all far more ‘spiritual’ than we know, capable of an emotional and mental integrity that enables us to be truly ourselves and connect deeply with others. Synthesising ancient contemplative rhythms, modern psychology research, rich theological perspectives and distinctive spiritual practices, Shaun distils how we can each find a path to spiritual liberation through mindful formation.

  • At a time when mindfulness dominates much of the secular self-help landscape, Lambert offers a thorough-going framework for mindful formation in the Christian life. The subtitle does not over-promise – in chronicling his own spiritual liberation Lambert illuminates this ancient pathway for Christians today.

    Dr Amy Oden, Adjunct Professor of Early Church History and Spirituality
  • For more than a decade Shaun has shared in the pages of the Baptist Times what it means to practise mindfulness of God. He has shown how this ancient wisdom is both an antidote to the distraction, stress and anxiety so many of us feel – not least in his own life while pastoring a busy church – and a way of drawing us to God.

    This book represents the fruit of all he has learned as he has explored Christian mindfulness in ever greater depth. As such it has the power to enable anyone to develop a mindful spirituality wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Prepare to slow your breath, smell the coffee – and once again experience the closeness of God.

    Paul Hobson, Faith & Society Coordinator Baptist Union of Great Britain: Editor/Writer

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