Just Love

“Personal and social transformation in Christ”

Angus Ritche, Paul Hackwood

ISBN: 9781909728134

117 Pages

Published Jan 2014

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £6.00
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Everyone longs for love. Who could possibly be against it? Love seems uncontroversial: the modern-day equivalent of ‘motherhood and apple pie’.

However, might love be far more controversial – far more disruptive – than we think? Jesus was the only human to love perfectly. His love included friend and foe and was the cause of His death.

Just Love uses the Gospel readings for Lent to explore how Jesus loved, and why this love led Him to the cross. It draws out the implications of His transforming love for our individual lives, for our life as a community and even for our economic order.

Drawing on decades of inner-city ministry, the authors show that ‘Christlike love’ is more than just a compelling idea. It is a powerful reality that can enable people to live out God’s just love in the most challenging of neighbourhoods.

Just Love is an invitation to delve into the biblical texts and experience that reality in every context. It will make for a fascinating, challenging study during Lent, or at any time of year.

  • A book full of passion and practicality, exploring the just love that led and held Jesus to the cross.

    David Walker, Bishop of Manchester
  • Clear, powerful and authentic. A must-read book for Christians who are serious about changing lives and communities.

    Neil Jameson, Executive Director, Citizens UK
  • Life in my inner city parish in Liverpool is full of tensions and demands. Alongside the disorder and struggle sit moments of joy and hope in a place where need is very evident. Within the busyness that we can all get caught up in, I know that I can be in danger of being swept along in the activity, not pausing to reflect and most of all forgetting the essential act of listening. Sometimes we need help to do that, and within this book, as it moves from reflection on Scripture to the affirming stories from varied and different places, I have found this. In some places I have been reminded of things I knew but too often have forgotten, and in other places challenged to risk more in the knowledge that we are loved and called to share and live out that love.

    I am grateful that Paul and Angus have written this book because they are both able to draw upon rich experience and connections with people who give insight and understanding. Most of all, this book has stirred me to think and reflect further on love which is at the heart of the gospel and, as Lesslie Newbigin said, 'The gospel is not just the illustration (even the best illustration) of an idea. It is the story of actions by which the human situation is irreversibly changed.'

    Canon Roger Driver, Team Rector of Bootle Team Ministry, Area Dean of Bootle, Liverpool Dioces

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