Entertaining Angels

“The inspirational story of New Hope”

Janet Hosier, Liza Hoeksma

ISBN: 9781909728264

180 Pages

Published Apr 2015

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £9.99 Kindle £5.99
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How often have you seen someone sleeping on the streets and wondered, ‘What can I do that will really help this person? Can I make a difference?’

Entertaining Angels is about the desire of two ordinary women to make a difference. Their obedience and response to the needs around them led to experiences beyond their wildest imaginings. They answered God’s call and witnessed His faithfulness and abundant provision in amazing and miraculous ways. They saw lives dramatically turned around as many who found themselves on the brink of despair were given hope and a future – a reason to live again.

New Hope in Watford is now the biggest organisation working with people who are homeless in the south west Hertfordshire area. This story will challenge you, inspire you and encourage you, that you, too, can make a difference in your corner of the world.


  • This is a tale of compassion with legs. It will challenge you to live such a life and encourage you that the place of our weakness and utter dependence on God is the place where we see miracles.

    Rev Mike Pilavachi, Senior Pastor at Soul Survivor, Watford
  • The story continues to amaze me. It also encourages me to think of what God can do through anyone who believes they have heard God's call and is willing to respond in obedience to him.

    Bishop David Pytches, founder of New Wine
  • As I read this book I couldn't help thinking of Charles Dickens' Scrooge, who declared, "I will live in the past, the present, and the future ... I will not shut out the lessons that they teach." Scrooge's life changes: instead of grasping, now he is giving. Instead of being bitter, now he is loving. Instead of being indifferent to the needs of others, now he is caring. His life is transformed, as ours should be, from humbug to hallelujah!

    Canon J. John, author and evangelist
  • This is a book about Faith, Courage and Passion. It demonstrates how we can all touch the lives of others and the amazing impact we can all have when we see the potential in fellow human beings. This should be mandatory reading for those who work in the field of homelessness – it proves what can be done with so little.

    Nigel Parrington, Chief Executive, Salvation Army Housing Association
  • Having seen at first hand the tremendous work of New Hope I am aware of just what a remarkable story it has been. This book chronicles that journey, and this latest edition reminds us it is a story which is still unfolding. I commend this inspirational book to you as a testimony to what can be achieved when we step out in faith to follow God's call to help those in need.

    Rev Tony Rindl, Rural Dean & Vicar of St Mary's Watford
  • New Hope does what it says: it gives new hope to those in our town who are homeless and often without a purpose in their lives. It is a good thing that there is an organisation in our town that cares for our residents in need and where there is always somebody to talk to and somewhere to go.

    Dorothy Thornhill MBE, Elected Mayor of Watford
  • Our support of New Hope over many years has been born out of their sheer commitment in supporting those whose life experience has resulted in them hitting rock bottom. The charity and its volunteers commitment to these people is life changing for their service users and I therefore commend New Hope to anybody who is interested in seeing the lives of people who are vulnerable being transformed.

    Gary Grant, Managing Director, The Entertainer
  • The work of New Hope has achieved huge practical benefits for some of the most vulnerable and troubled individuals in Hertfordshire. Many lives have been rebuilt and hope restored and I wish New Hope every success in its ongoing work, and hope it will continue to go from strength to strength.

    Louise Casey, Director General, Troubled Families
  • A powerful and inspiring account of the birth and survival against all odds of a unique institution in our town (Watford), dedicated to giving hopeless cases new hopes and fresh starts. This book will touch the heart and soul of all those who share a common interest in valuing human dignity and giving a second chance to anyone unfortunate enough to end up homeless or destitute through circumstance rather than design.

    Councillor Rabi Martins, Watford Borough Council
  • I always saw New Hope as a miracle – starting with such small beginnings in the tower of St Marys Church, one night a week, and growing into what it is now – the main provider of services to the homeless in south-west Hertfordshire. Over the years it has touched so many lives, and met great human need; but it has been much more than that, because through the Trust the love of God has been shown and shared by those who have given so much to others. God was in this from the beginning; He has inspired and guided the work over the years; and He is glorified in all that has been achieved.

    Rev John Woodger, former vicar of St Mary's, Watford

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