Crazy About Horses

“Everything was riding on her faith”

Patrick Coghlan

ISBN: 9781912726561

208 Pages

Published May 2022

Young Adult

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £4.99
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Eighteen-year-old Isabel has always been crazy about horses! Now, with her friend and boss, Karen, she is fulfilling her dream of working with them. But when an unexpected death threatens their North Norfolk stud and equestrian centre, it seems her dream may become a nightmare.

Intimidated by a ruthless developer and his sinister agents, Isabel must find the courage to confront bullies in the present and overcome fears of them from her past. Karen’s estranged and eccentric aunt could offer hope, but how can Isabel help heal their family rift when her own parents no longer speak to her?

Isabel is determined not to give up, but where will she find the strength to keep fighting? Can the bullies be beaten? Will the centre be saved?

  • When Patrick Coghlan asked if I would consider writing an endorsement for his new novel, Crazy About Horses, I was delighted to be offered a good reason to spend my time reading and accepted happily. Having now read it, I feel very honoured to endorse this lovely book.

    Patrick told me the novel was aimed at the teen market with a background theme of all things to do with horses. Well, that certainly got me interested as I love horses myself. However, I didn’t have to be reading long before I realised that it was much more far ranging as it looks at what it means to have a Christian faith when facing life challenges in today’s world. Its heroine, Isabel, stands in the place of all young people as she comes face to face with wounds from her past, deep rejection issues and fears for her future. Themes of relationships, bullying, life choices, hope, care and forgiveness are woven into this very believable and interesting story. There are plenty of humorous and poignant moments too. I think it is a great book for teenagers and young people and has a 'rooted in reality' message of hope that is so desperately needed today.

    Well done, Patrick, for this great new novel.

    Tracy Williamson, Author and Speaker, MBM Trust

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