Coming Home to Dad

“A Journey from Childhood Trauma to Wholeness”

Amanda Pilz

ISBN: 9781909728-54

240 Pages

Published Oct 2016


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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‘Tell her she’s no longer my daughter!’

Amanda and her dad had never been close – but now he was forsaking her completely.

Separated from her mum at the age of six and forced to live with a harsh stepmother, Amanda learnt at a young age to rely on herself and depend on no one. Although living under the same roof, her father was distant and uninvolved – his was a house but not a home. Eventually, sent back to live with her mum on a tough council estate, she became increasingly estranged from her dad until finally, in her eighteenth year, he disowned her.

Driven by questions about the meaning and value of her life, and coming to terms with her brother’s schizophrenia, Amanda began asking searching questions about identity that led her on a life-changing journey. She could never have imagined how this would culminate in an unexpected and powerful encounter with God as Father – and dad – an encounter that would mark the beginning of a healing process and see her finding her true home.

Coming Home to Dad was short-listed in the final three titles for the Woman Alive magazine Readers’ Choice Award 2018.

  • I read this moving and honest testimony in one sitting. Amanda writes in a very frank way which I found drew me in and made me want to keep reading! I recommend it to anyone who has experienced or is concerned about how challenging relationships can affect us right into adulthood. Through her many pains and difficulties we see God at work drawing Amanda into a wonderful relationship with Himself and leading her into a life of fruitful and joyful service for Him. The story of Amanda and her brother Andrew raises important issues around justice and mental health and again and again reveals the loving Father Heart of God, especially towards those who have been most wounded and alienated. What a great testimony it is to Gods grace.

    Celia Bowring, Operations Director at CARE
  • Mandy's story is both tragic and inspiring. She's overcome neglect, abuse and trauma to build a life of faith that we can all learn from. This book is well worth a read.

    Amaris Cole, Editor, Evangelical Alliance

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