A Ready Man: Hugh Stowell Brown

“Preacher, Activist, Friend of the Poor”

Wayne Clarke

ISBN: 9781912726080

272 Pages

Published Sep 2019

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Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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When Hugh Stowell Brown, aged just twenty-three, arrived in Liverpool to preach at Myrtle Street Baptist Church, no one could guess his impact on the church and the city. He had barely preached a sermon before and had been a Baptist only a matter of months, but for the next forty years he would successfully pastor the congregation and pioneer social reform among Liverpool’s urban poor.

Discover how Hugh became a famous preacher, president of the Baptist Union, and both friend and mentor to C H Spurgeon. But more than this, how his Workman’s Bank, civic hall lectures and multiple charity initiatives brought hope and help to people the Church has traditionally struggled to reach.

At his funeral, thousands lined the streets and raised money for a statue in his memory. Recently restored, it stands with this book as a contemporary call to follow in Hugh’s footsteps today.