Why I use fiction to spread the gospel beyond the Christian sub-culture – Chick Yuill with Christian Today

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Our 21st century British culture has a confused and confusing attitude to matters of faith. Never has that been more clearly demonstrated than by recent events.

On the one hand, a major political figure (Tim Farron) feels forced to resign from the leadership of his party because most of the press and many of the public seem to be deeply suspicious of his Christian faith to the point where they believe that it renders him unable to make objective decisions or function effectively in a liberal democracy.

On the other, confronted with the recent terrorist atrocities in Manchester and London, millions have faced the destructive power of evil and defiantly repeated the mantra that ‘love is stronger than hate’. A moment’s reflection is enough to reveal that such a statement goes far beyond cold rationality. It is surely the ultimate statement of faith – a bold assertion that life is not merely at the mercy of blind chance or competing powerful forces, and that goodness and love will ultimately prevail.

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  • Chick Yuill

    Chick Yuill has spent over forty-five years in full-time ministry and church leadership. Most of this time has been devoted to leading and pastoring local congregations, both in the UK and the USA. He is a passionate communicator and has appeared on national radio and television in the UK, speaking on issues of faith and morality. He has been a regular speaker at major Christian conferences such as Spring Harvest and ROOTS, and at churches, venues, and conferences throughout the UK as well as in Canada, USA...