News for The Diary of Isabella M Smugge

One word, addictive

‘Both myself and my daughter have read this, 48 and 16 respectively, and found it incredibly witty, well-written and emotional’ Read More »

A must-read!!!!

‘kept me up on my toes with tension and suspense all the way! I love the subtle themes of hope, forgiveness, repentance, and loyalty’ Read More »

Beautifully written

‘witty, funny and engaging. The book made me smile, and sometimes grimace, and occasionally laugh out loud’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: Jane Austen meets the lifestyle blogger!

Instagram influencers and lifestyle bloggers were in the news recently for all the wrong reasons when many sought to escape the UK lockdown by heading to Dubai for ‘work’. Presenting a minutely manicured perfection, they sell us a dream that surely even their reality can never truly live up to. This is the gap that new author Ruth Leigh explores to hilarious and poignant effect in The Diary of Isabella M. Smugge… Read More »

Sample Chapters: The Diary of Isabella M Smugge


This morning, I woke up at 6 am, got up, did my stretches and forty lengths of the pool then said to myself, ‘Isabella, you’re a lucky girl. No cellulite to speak of, all your own teeth, a handsome husband, three beautiful children and a lovely house.’ 
I wouldn’t want to give you the impression that… Read More »