News for The Diary of Isabella M Smugge

A delight

‘made me think of Bridget Jones if she’d been about today. I came of age when that book was written and it gave me a joy of diary based books and this one is now added to that list. I really enjoyed it’ Read More »

The Diary of Isabella M Smugge

‘I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. This diary will go down as a social commentary of our time and almost certainly be adapted into a film or television series’ Read More »

Hidden Depths in a Lighthearted Tale

‘manages to engage in debate about the power of social media, the class differences that divide the UK and the difficulties of being a mother. And it’s all done in a lovely, light-hearted way’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Oh, Happy (Mother’s) Day!

Last Monday, it was International Women’s Day where we celebrated half of the world’s population. Today is Mothering Sunday and/or Mother’s Day, whichever you prefer. As an actual woman, it felt pretty good having two days devoted to me in a seven-day period. As a freelance writer, pre-Covid, I used to spend a fair chunk … Read more …

A corker

‘Just what I needed, light hearted, witty and contagious. You won’t be able to put the book down’ Read More »