News for The Diary of Isabella M Smugge

SO good, I want more!

‘made me giggle out loud, roll my eyes in exasperation, and had me reflecting back on the characters for a good while after I’d finished reading’ Read More »

Great fun

‘This will lift your spirits! I look forward to the sequel, the prequel and more – #Absolutelyfabulous #Yummymummies #holidayreading’ Read More »


‘I hadn’t even finished reading the first paragraph and I was laughing! ‘The diary of Isabella M Smugge’ has the feel good factor…whether you’re snuggled up on the sofa or having a day out at the beach’ Read More »


‘Will she ditch her anger, jealousy and selfishness to move towards reconciliation, forgiveness and peace? I loved Isabella M Smugge and her world. I can’t wait to read more’ Read More »

Excellent – Funny and Moving

‘It’s a wonderfully funny and moving book. You will find yourself rooting for Isabella and also wanting to scream at her. Great characterisation there! Highly recommend’ Read More »

Loved it!

‘A very clever book. It moves from making the protagonist rather unlikeable to turning it around so that the reader is really on her side’ Read More »

It’s not all blini’s and photoshoots, darling

‘The humour is well timed, the characters excellently observed and the whole thing is saved from the fluffy irrelevance it seeks to explore by the intrusion of all too real life incidents and crises for our eponymous heroine’ Read More »