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Sample Chapters: The Pilgrim

Brampton Barre, Late summer 1202, England 

The sound of clanging swords echoed around the stone walls of the castle, punctuated by grunts and yells and, incongruously, laughter. Hal wandered up the path from the bailey below and paused, leaning on a gatepost, to watch his brother, Robert, and four others taking turns to spar with one another on a small, flat patch of ground at the foot of the motte. He grinned… Read More »


‘you want to simply re-read or dwell on the words, feeling God’s mercy and grace touching your heart’ Read More »


‘We both know that second book can be difficult! How did you find the writing this time?’ Read More »


‘It helped me to draw closer to God through the simplicity of the spirituality’ Read More »