News for The Healing

It came alive in my mind

‘Joy describes the characters and scenes so beautifully. ‘The Healing’ easily came alive in my mind. It is a book full of intrigue which moves along at a good pace, yet pauses enough in places where that is needed’ Read More »


‘deep spiritual insights and a touching friendship between the two main characters. I really loved it and look forward to more from this authoress’ Read More »

AUTHOR BLOG: Choosing hope this Easter

It’s ‘impossible to read without encountering hope’.

I was so thrilled by these words! They were written by one of the very first people to read my novel – a dear, retired pastor friend who I had nervously approached to endorse the book. His words now appear inside The Healing, and on its back cover, and I was thrilled because they highlighted the message I wanted the book to convey… Read More »

Wonderful book

‘written so well you can almost hear the people talking. It is a very honest and gives real insight into the human heart , forgiveness and unconditional love’ Read More »