News for The Treasure Man

A genuine ‘page-turner’!

‘my seven year-old grandson who was riveted from the very beginning. Every time we came to a natural place to stop we would look at each other and say … ‘just a few more pages!” Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Treasure Man

Chapter One 
‘Get off me!’ 
‘Shhhh, you’ll wake everyone up.’ 
‘No. Get off me!’ 
Sienna sighed, not sure if it was her brothers’ muffled words or the sound of them wrestling that had woken her up, but she certainly didn’t need an alarm clock. The paper-thin walls were not enough to keep out… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Lessons in listening to God

Moving, life-changing material for 8–11-year-olds
Looking for treasure in people
Learning to listen to God
Applying truth to daily life
Also appeals to adults
Links to main character’s daily lockdown blog Read More »