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Street Pastors in action!

‘enthralling account of some of the experiences of the many Street Pastors who gladly place themselves on the front line in busy areas of our towns and cities’ Read More »

An inspiring and heartwarming read

‘This very readable book, written by real Street Pastors and featuring detailed accounts of their endeavors across and outside the UK, serves as a reminder of the true meaning of faith and the value of a community’ Read More »


‘A beautifully written and eye opening account of the work of street pastors. An inspiring must read’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! Stories from the Streets

Chapter 1 
The Story of the Good Samaritan 
Thankfully, it was a dry autumn evening. Our patrol hadn’t been that eventful when we came across a man, perhaps in his early sixties, whose hands were bleeding profusely. To our surprise and disappointment, he refused all our offers of first aid. We finally managed to persuade him to… Read More »