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Chapter One 
Mum looked odd, kind of pasty, as she opened the front door. I slung my heavy, half-term satchel with my dirty sports kit in it onto the hall floor. I hung my panama hat and blazer on the coat stand as usual, but instead of heading for the kitchen with promises of supper, Mum tugged at the hem of my skirt, fiddled with my tie and plaits and looked me up and down.  Read More »


‘I experienced her feelings as if they were my own. This was an enjoyable read, and I was and am curious about what happens next’ Read More »

Christian Bookaholic Review

‘Life as a teen is hard enough without suddenly discovering you were born Jewish and then brought up a Christian … Being Lena Levi was a powerful read. I read it in just one sitting and can highly recommend it’ Read More »

Unique and Compelling

‘Bobbie Cox’s coming-of-age novel explores the effects on Lena of the two women who loved her enough to let her go: her biological Jewish mother … and her Christian English foster mother … the story Cox has woven around a fantastic concept is unique and compelling’ Read More »

Loved it!

‘I loved this book! It is such a good story line and a quick read…mostly because I didn’t want to put it down!’ Read More »

A Teenager with compelling identity issues

‘Where does she fit – into her adopted country or her birth mother’s? It is a resolution of this conflict that makes this book so compelling. It may be considered a YA novel, but its themes are should resonate with adults as well.’ Read More »