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Brilliant from beginning to end

‘What a wonderful book, easy to read but also thought provoking. I just couldn’t put the book down. I have read, and enjoyed, all 3 of Chick’s most recent books but this one has been my favourite. A great read!’ Read More »

When and how does life become meaningful?

‘…compelling and easy to read and contains themes that many people experience in their lives. The book describes hope over adversity and joy and fulfilment in finding self worth. To understand the mystery you will need to read the book for yourself!’ Read More »

Easy to read, hard to put down!

‘…the kind of book the relatively new adjective ‘unputdownable’ was perfectly coined for and I love the natural humanity that Chick Yuill puts into his characters’ Read More »

The mystery of Matthew Gold

‘I love the method used by Chick in all his books of providing a rich and meaningful story, not using religion but the underlying eternal truth that can reach into the very soul of the reader. Well written as always’ Read More »

Sample Chapters! The Mystery of Matthew Gold

chapter 1
Matthew Gold woke with a start at four o’clock on the morning of the 11th March. His body was bathed in a cold sweat and his heart was beating rapidly.
There were three pages missing. The last three pages. The pages that made sense of the story… Read More »

Impacted me so much.

‘I’ve never been emotional about reading a novel. But as I close the book after the final chapter of ‘The mystery of Mathew Gold’, the tears are flowing … I haven’t read a novel that has impacted me so much’ Read More »

Book royalties for charity…

‘All We Can has teamed up with Chick Yuill, the internationally published author and speaker, for his highly anticipated new book, The Mystery of Matthew Gold…’ Read More »