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‘It’s part of God’s cultural mandate to be creative, and to do things which are pleasing to him’ Read More »


‘This is a Christian novel and the Christianity is important to the book. However, it does not overwhelm and this is a book which can be read by anyone’ Read More »

Frighteningly real

‘A very real, very current thriller which kept me glued to almost every page…I admire that this book confronts the real crimes of today, drawing attention to the plight of those who are weak or disinherited’ Read More »

Sample Chapter! The Migrant

Chapter one
Alban Gurbardhi lay with his face pressed into the earth. He eased his breath out through pursed lips as he tried to stifle any sound he might make. It seemed his heartbeat would be heard across the valley as it pounded in his ears. An angry, black beetle marched across the thyme-grass centimetres from his nose. He glanced at Ervin, who lay in against the crumbling stone wall, and saw his eyes darting. Read More »

Endorsement Two!

‘Paul’s skill lies in blending immersive text with totally believable characters, contemporary story lines, drawing on both real and imagined scenarios, political, social, religious and much more!’ Read More »

Endorsement One!

‘You could not evoke the landscapes, struggles, conflicts, human stories of a country with such attention to detail, and as powerfully, as Paul Alkazraji does in ‘The Migrant’ unless you knew your subject intimately. And Paul does.’ Read More »