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AUTHOR BLOG: Lent, men and resilience in the face of the strong man

We all like to play with sticky snow that makes snowballs, and lament wet snow that cannot hold together. Fuller Youth Institute has developed the theme of ‘sticky faith’ for young people. They’ve developed it because the church is losing young people when they leave, what has been referred to as, the goldfish bowl of church and are thrown into the open sea of the world – and their faith doesn’t stick. Read More »

A wakeful post

…the book expands all of this in far more detail than I could do in the pulpit. However, conversations afterwards would suggest that some appetites have been whetted. Read More »

The lost gospel of mindfulness

‘I get emails from Christians saying: “I suffer from recurrent depression, my doctor said I should try mindfulness, and somebody in the church has said I shouldn’t…’ Read More »

A Mindful Response to Remembrance

I hear from many Christians who have been taught to separate body, mind and soul – more than that, to be suspicious of the body, emotions and meditation. This is perhaps why Christian meditative prayer has been sidelined… Read More »

EA Author Interview

…we need to get up early and make contemplation the first thing we do. We won’t do that until we have tasted it and seen that it is good… Read More »