News for Where is God in Our 21st-Century World?

Blog Tour! #6

‘We were doing something new, something truly innovative  and I wanted a far greater number of people to enjoy, explore, question and meditate on the work’ Read More »

Blog Tour! #5

Since the Davidic era, 1055BC, tear bottles have spoken of the sacredness of tears as messengers of grief, contrition and love… Read More »

Blog Tour! #4

I was delighted to learn how we can use this book as parents seeking to widen our children’s faith experience… ‘The artists featured in this book stepped through a wardrobe, they discovered the snow, heard its crunch underfoot. They invite you to join them. Spring is coming’ Read More »

Blog Tour! #3

‘I don’t think that anyone could look through this book without being touched in some way. A picture paints a thousand words, so the saying goes. But what it can also do – and has done – is speak when we have no words at all’ Read More »

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‘Turning the pages is a revelatory experience. You cannot help but be challenged and inspired. Beautiful!’ Read More »

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‘potentially the best conversation starter about things of faith that I’ll ever come across’!! Read More »

NEW BOOK: Chaiya Art Awards – where is God?

Explores the mystery of ‘Where is God?’ today
Showcases 60+ shortlisted art works for £10,000 Chaiya Art Award
Takes the Gospel into secular spaces
A multitude of original and stimulating responses
Thought-provoking word pictures and quotes Read More »


This Easter, the Chaiya Art Awards will showcase some of the most innovative and exciting artists looking to continue this age old conversation through different mediums… Read More »