Sample Chapters! The Treasure Man

Chapter One 
‘Get off me!’ 
‘Shhhh, you’ll wake everyone up.’ 
‘No. Get off me!’ 
Sienna sighed, not sure if it was her brothers’ muffled words or the sound of them wrestling that had woken her up, but she certainly didn’t need an alarm clock. The paper-thin walls were not enough to keep out… Read More »

NEW BOOK! Teenage faith and refugees

Should you keep a secret?
Can you tell a lie?
Can good intentions lead to wrong actions?
Gangs and bullies
How can young teens live for Jesus?
Evocative settings in Cairo and Edinburgh Read More »

NEW BOOK! Lessons in listening to God

Moving, life-changing material for 8–11-year-olds
Looking for treasure in people
Learning to listen to God
Applying truth to daily life
Also appeals to adults
Links to main character’s daily lockdown blog Read More »

NEW BOOK! Stories from Street Pastors

Proving the Church is relevant today
Inspiring stories of people helped and lives saved
Seeing God at work
Making a difference in schools and on railways
Informative and uplifting
Includes responses after terrorist incidents Read More »

NEW BOOK! Post-apocalyptic detective thriller

Set in a quasi-Victorian post-apocalyptic world
A fascinating mystery to solve
Reminiscent of Dickensian London
Rich in detail and contemporary themes
Standalone novel
Second in the Banyard and Mingle mystery series Read More »


Heather, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I distinctly remember when I was at Junior School my mother reading a story I had written for homework and saying, ‘This is a lovely story, but it doesn’t end, it just stops.’ She was then starting to write books and eventually had twenty published and I learned a lot… Read More »

Sample Chapters! Tracks of Trustworthiness

Do it Well 
Good Governance Matters 
We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God. (Daniel 6:5) 
Things need to be done well so that there is honour to the name of Christ publicly. 
Governance is an awkward-sounding word: it does not trip easily off the tongue, and it even sounds a little threatening. It can feel Read More »


Gilana, how long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I started to get ‘nudged’ by God in 2018 and took the prompting seriously the following year after I had left my job at the hospice. My initial thoughts were quite haphazard to put it politely! I knew I wanted to write about the joys and benefits of going on spiritual retreats and started to look back through my personal journals… Read More »