News for Polished Arrows

Discipleship in the 21st Century

‘Thoroughly biblical … but the language is conversational in style … and will appeal to those who love the word of God but are put off by unnecessary use of technical jargon.’ Read More »

Highly recommended

‘Would be a perfect post-Alpha study work. Her chapters on Forgiveness and Suffering are particularly punchy. Highly recommended’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: Polished Arrows

Becoming an arrow that flies fast and true

‘There’s no higher calling than becoming one of God’s “polished arrows” – ready, willing and obedient to His call. Jenny unpacks the process of how God makes His arrows ready. Will you be one of them?’
Simon Guillebaud, evangelist, author, speaker, founder of Great Lakes Outreach, Burundi

What does it take to become a ready arrow in God’s hands? An arrow that the Lord can trust to fly straight and true for His purpose and mission? In a world beset by so many distractions, we urgently need to know. In this original, creative and richly researched book… Read More »