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Theology of Reverse Mission

The subject of reverse mission, that is, missionaries and pastors from a former mission field now ministering in Europe and North America is becoming a phenomenon that is attracting the attention of both academics and the media. The BBC documentary titled… Read More »

Turning the Tables on Mission

…mission in the contemporary world is dizzyingly dynamic. Very few periods of history have seen the massive changes going on in the world church as we see today. Read More »

Spirit-led church unity

The book highlights how historic church leaders can develop relationship with BMC leaders locally through the use and sharing of church building. Read More »

Partnership in mission

A Baptist minister’s new book highlights the intercultural ecumenism emerging between Black Majority and historic Churches – and challenges Christians to rethink their understanding of mission in light of Britain’s fast-changing social landscape… Read More »

Turning the Tables on Mission

In a first of its kind the Revd Israel Olofinjana has pulled together the stories of a number of significant leaders who have come to the UK from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, in turn highlighting the ‘transformative impact’ they have had on British Christianity… Read More »

Review: Turning the Tables on Mission

Many of them gave up lucrative and prestigious employment positions in their own country, contrary to the idea that the Global South is primarily a source of economic migrants to the UK… Read More »