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A really beautiful book

‘Best book Joy has written. Her portrayal of Efa, the woman torn from her first love and forced to marry a much older man when neither loved the other was a real masterpiece of human insight … The icing on the cake is the end of the book – so beautiful’ Read More »

Unloved and Unloveable? – Guest post

‘Stories are powerful. Jesus used them all the time in His teaching, because they can carry deep life-changing truth in a really accessible way. That is the heart behind my storytelling’ Read More »

Simply beautiful

‘The author’s gift for story-telling with compelling characters set in a well-researched historic background, always makes for a totally immersive pleasure, and The Bride did not disappoint my high expectations’ Read More »

NEW NOVEL: The Bride

Female powerlessness meets the Father’s love in medieval Wales

‘I found Efa’s growing spirituality and gentle responses to those around her challenging, and was rivetted to the story.’
Claire Musters, writer, speaker, editor and host of the Woman Alive Book Club

The Bride’s leading lady, Efa, may be a noble woman, but she is as subject to the whims of the powerful men who surround her as any peasant might be. Thrust into a marriage she did not choose, and made mother to three neglected children, she is deserted by the man she loved and forced to… Read More »

The Bride – Joy Margetts

‘For anyone wanting to know and experience the truly profound love of God, this will be a helpful read … There is a real peace to be gleaned when you dive into one of Joy’s books’ Read More »

Sample Chapters: The Bride

February 1222, Swansea Castle
Efa slumped hard against the wall behind her, the rough stones tearing through the thin silk of her borrowed gown as she sank heavily to the floor. She felt it rip, felt the painful scrape of stone against flesh, but she did not care. She shut her eyes and clamped her hands to her ears, the thump of her heartbeat sounding loud in her head. If she could have hoped that this was all some sick dream… Read More »