News for Vision of Light

Shining In The Dark

‘The tale is about choices. We all need to choose well. It is also about second chances and new beginnings … It was a powerful tale that I can highly recommend’ Read More »

More light than darkness

‘Compelling, sensitive, excellent storytelling. A page turner of a book, rooted in faith and endurance. A thoroughly enjoyable read’ Read More »

Mystery with a twist

‘An excellent page turner this mystery addresses aspects of life rarely written about in novels … the characters are so well drawn I found myself getting to know them and walking through their experiences with them’ Read More »

Very Pleased

‘For me a very different read – most enjoyable – The clever mind of the author makes the unbelievable believable’ Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Vision of Light

Hauntingly atmospheric thriller with a supernatural twist!

‘A dazzling feat of Christian fiction which keeps the reader intrigued throughout.’
Multi-award-winning author and podcaster Wendy H Jones

Haunted by a troubled past, divorced and in debt, Noel Reilly is already on the edge. But when his pregnant ex-partner is murdered and police view him as a suspect, he contemplates taking his life – before a mystical riverside encounter offers a glimmer of hope… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Vision of Light

I’d only planned to help the ones who are very confused, beginning with Elsie. That was before I found out that the old man had seen me.

It was lucky for me he got a water infection. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue what he’s been saying. The manager asked me to check on him. The doctor had been in two days earlier, and started him on antibiotics. I found that pregnant carer Kylie in the room with him, the one who’s already got two sons by different men… Read More »