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Inspirational and moving

‘A must read if you feel you have a journey that is difficult to face – learn how to face adversity and smile and live each day in the face of that’ Read More »

A mother’s love for her daughter

‘I’d recommend this book in a heartbeat. It shows just how far a Mother’s love for her daughter will go. Also how her faith helped her through some of the hardest, darkest days’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: A Hand Stretched Across the Void

When I Gave My Daughter My Kidney

‘Deeply fascinating, challenging and impacting. I’m certain that as you read you will discover a God who loves you.’
Rev Anne Calver, author, speaker, church leader, Unleashed overseer

There are around 7,000 people on the UK Transplant Waiting List, and while there are many successful matches, hundreds die every year because no organ can be found. June’s young daughter, Tracey, would have been one of these tragic statistics if her mother hadn’t given her one of her kidneys.

While still a young girl in the 1970s, Tracey was diagnosed with… Read More »

Sample Chapters: A Hand Stretched Across the Void

Foreword: 1982

I was crossing the line, drifting into a peaceful sleep, when I heard the phone ring. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 12.30am. Who would be calling at this time of night? Irritated, I went downstairs and lifted the receiver, my sleepy ears still not prepared to hear the voice on the other end of the phone.

‘Hello, this is the transplant coordinator at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.’

My heart started beating rapidly and an unexplainable swell of heat hit all parts of my body… Read More »