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A great read!!!

‘beautifully written, truly challenging and thought-provoking read from an incredible Christian storyteller! Absolutely loved it’ Read More »

A must read

‘A beautifully written book well worth a read enjoyed every word would definitely recommend’ Read More »


‘I couldn’t put it down… Particularly thought-provoking as you realise that vicars have the same difficulty as the rest of us with forgiveness’ Read More »


Chick, your first novel, Rooks at Dusk, follows the story of a Christian leader who has a crisis of faith and is unfaithful to his wife. In a nutshell, what’s your second book about? My second book, The Man Who Broke into St Peter’s, is all about just that – the man who broke into St… Read more »


‘I literally couldn’t put this down till I had finished it. Well done Chick – a great read & very thought provoking too!’ Read More »