News for Chick Yuill

Great characters, intriguing themes

‘So excited to get my hands on another book by Chick Yuill. I love the settings and how the characters are drawn in all his books. This one did not disappoint – clearly drawn characters with interesting twists to their lives’ Read More »

Great story with good earthy morals

‘The author has you hooked right from the beginning with the twist and turns of the characters. It has you smiling one moment and in the next you’re feeling sad and emotional surprise thinking I never saw that coming’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: To the Fourth Generation

A man hiding a guilty secret that could destroy his life
A family engaged in an unsettling search for truth and forgiveness
A saga of four generations linked by ties stronger than blood Read More »

Brilliant Book

‘Well written and engaging, weaving lots of current issues into the mix. John has a wonderful writing style’ Read More »

Really thought-provoking

‘Really thought-provoking and an ending that caused me to think for several days’Chick Yuill Posted by Instant Apostle on Monday, 6 July 2020 Read More »

A captivating read

‘I really enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and had a really engaging and unusual storyline. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good read.’ Read More »