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In her book Time to Live: The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye, Instant Apostle author, Ann Clifford, addresses the personal and practical elements of dying, acknowledging the pain and confusion that accompany loss, but also helping the reader to conquer their fears and to view death as a portal to the future. Ann, why did … Read more …

Blog Tour! #10

Asks a daring, some would say dangerous question, which historically has caused division, anger, apathy and offence, yet Chaiya Art has managed to forge it’s own path – an achievement to be celebrated… Read More »

Blog Tour! #9

Is God absent? A new-born lamb, sleeping or stillborn. Is it a sacrifice. If so, to what, and for whom? Read More »

Blog Tour! #8

‘Christian publishers don’t usually do Books Like This’ – find out what makes Where is God in Our 21st-Century World? so unique! Read More »

Blog Tour! #5

Since the Davidic era, 1055BC, tear bottles have spoken of the sacredness of tears as messengers of grief, contrition and love… Read More »

Blog Tour! #4

I was delighted to learn how we can use this book as parents seeking to widen our children’s faith experience… ‘The artists featured in this book stepped through a wardrobe, they discovered the snow, heard its crunch underfoot. They invite you to join them. Spring is coming’ Read More »

Blog Tour! #3

‘I don’t think that anyone could look through this book without being touched in some way. A picture paints a thousand words, so the saying goes. But what it can also do – and has done – is speak when we have no words at all’ Read More »