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Hope to keep persevering

‘Chris just gets it … Important words for those involved in mission on the margins, and challenging for those who feel like there must be more than just sitting in a pew’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: Not Forgotten

‘Takes my breath away and significantly affects my understanding of the purposes of God.’
Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor

While there are beacons of hope, UK church attendance continues to fall, and reaching the next generation remains a great challenge.[1] Faced with finding ourselves on the margins, where can we – the Church – find encouragement… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Not Forgotten


‘What the heck is happening?’  

I was sitting in the garden of a conference centre in rural Derbyshire. On the other end of the phone line, my friend and fellow church leader, Beth, had just said a rude word. It wasn’t actually the word ‘heck’. I hadn’t heard her say this word before, and I haven’t heard her say it since. It’s the kind of word that makes a film into a 15 certificate, or… Read More »