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Emotive easy read

‘reading someone’s story helped me understand more than I could have hoped for. Honestly, it’s a good clear read about a difficult subject. I managed to read it in a day’ Read More »

Written from the heart

‘I had not come across an open account of coping with the stress of chemotherapy before and found the book helpful in understanding what some people have to go through … I finished it in less than two days’ Read More »

A Real and Lived Faith

‘has many life lessons for us to learn, on how to deal with the major ups and downs, whilst maintaining a strong and solid faith. He shows honesty and integrity’ Read More »

NEW BOOK: Standing in the Storm

‘In the darkest part of my life, in the middle of the mess and suffering, Jesus was there, holding my hand and giving me the strength I needed to simply stand in the storm.’
One in two of us in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our lives – and all of us who are not will be close to someone who is. So when the diagnosis comes, when the storm strikes, where will we go to find strength and comfort?

In 2016, speaker and worship leader Matt McChlery and his wife faced just this question… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Standing in the Storm

Worst Fears Confirmed 

After a very long flight we finally touched down at London’s Heathrow Airport. Our South African holiday had come to an end and we were daring to be optimistic as to what God had in store for the next chapter of our lives. We felt rested and rejuvenated. Our grief was starting to be punctuated by healing and peace. The raw, open, emotional wound had started to scab over… Read More »