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Hauntingly atmospheric

‘I was immersed in this amazing world. The beautifully descriptive writing puts you right into the middle of a wonderfully intriguing story’ Read More »

Fantastic story!

‘As murder mysteries go this is one of the most well imagined and ingeniously crafted I have had the pleasure of reading. Really looking forward to reading more in this series. Highly recommended’ Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Seraph of the Sallow Grove

‘Excellent mystery featuring clever detection and brilliant characters, in a well-imagined, post-apocalyptic society. Highly recommended.’
Brian Price, author of the DC Mel Cotton series

This winter, we will all be facing incredible challenges. With recession looming, growing NHS backlogs, an unprecedented energy crisis and widening inequalities following the pandemic, it can be hard to know where to find hope. In Ben Mears’ new novel, we discover what difference courage can make in a dystopian world very like our own… Read More »

Sample Chapters: Seraph of the Sallow Grove

1st Elventide, winter 1795 ad (after Doon) 

A thick snow carpeted the field, though the fall had ceased some hours before. It now rested like a work complete. Like deep frosting on an endless cake, concealing all. Hiding who knew what beneath. 
A boy threw a stick. His wolfhound fetched it. A tried and tested game. A scene familiar throughout ages. 
And yet, there was something different here. Something wrong… Read More »