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Blog Tour #6

‘utterly compelling and deeply pleasing … the message of the gospel is there subtly throughout, but is never forced’ Read More »

Blog Tour #5

‘a Christmas story … but it’s also a sweeping, surprising story of a life spent searching for that feeling of belonging’ Read More »

Blog Tour #4

‘An engrossing read, and recommended as a fresh approach to the “Christmas Novel/Novella” genre’ Read More »

Blog Tour #3

‘Ordinarily I am not a fan of Christian literature as it can be a little preachy, trust me, this book is nothing like that’ Read More »

Blog Tour #2

‘the most heart warming and delightful Christian novel that will soothe your soul … I want to read everything that he has written’ Read More »

Blog Tour #1

‘it’s my little protest against the misogyny that is still all too prevalent in our culture’ Read More »

Heart Warming

‘I absolutely adored Talking To Calippa Cumberland and just when I thought my heart could not swell any more – the conclusion of the book arrived. I was undone!’ Read More »

NEW NOVEL: Talking to Calippa Cumberland

a novel about Christmas past and present
about living and loving
about losing and finding

It’s half past four on Christmas Eve, 1976. Lori Bloom, aged three and three quarters, is leaving a busy department store with her mother when the tannoy announces that a child in reception is lost and crying for her parents… Read More »